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Communications unavailability cost calculator

Digitally enabled, remote, and hybrid working are now the norm for businesses everywhere. Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex are business critical for everyday operations, and for responding to a crisis.
But digital communication services can go offline for a number of reasons, for example:
• A local or regional service provider outage
• A cyber attack that shuts down your network
• A major incident that requires activating your business continuity management (BCM) plan.

What would be the direct cost to your business if your main communication service was unexpectedly unavailable? And how quickly could you respond to a cyber or ransomware attack without it?

When your people can’t communicate, they can’t respond effectively to disruption. If you don’t have a plan for communication in a crisis, disruption continues longer than it needs. Every extra hour of downtime is costly.

Answer a few simple questions to find out how much every hour of unexpected downtime costs your company. Then register to receive your free tailored report which compares the cost of business continuity readiness for a communication service outage against your potential financial losses.

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Using the average cost of downtime for your industry, we’ll work out the likely cost of each hour of unexpected downtime for your business.

If your people can’t communicate in a crisis, they can’t respond effectively. How many more hours will you need to restore operations without a working collaboration system?

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